About Us

DNDX is a zero markup, zero commission Marketplace where the owners sell directly to you. This saves you the 15-30% domain marketplace fee. All domains are owned by one company and were purchased by Mike Whalen over the last 26 years, so you negotiate with the owner, no one else.

  • Do you want to buy a domain but can’t get reach the owner? 
  • Are you new to the domain purchasing and need help?
  • Do you want to purchase a domain name privately?
  • Are you undecided on which name to buy and need guidance? 

We will help.

Mike Whalen

Mike Whalen

Founder, Domain Specialist, Web Developer

Mike builds and owns websites for fun and profit, coding in PHP, PYTHON, using WordPress typically, with over 200 built and hosted to date, and has been investing in domain niches and building websites for 26 years, since 1997.
He will guide you through the domain marketplace and ensure you make the best investment and optimal choices for your website.

  •  Named a Top 110 Most Influential People in Domains
  • Hand Registered 20,000 Domains
  • 4,000+ Domains won at domain auctions
  • Registered Domains starting in 1997
  • Millions of Dollars in Domain Sales
  • 250+ Websites Developed
Michele W

Michele W

Domain Transfer and Valuation Specialist

Michele brings 26+ years of experience to you.  She has completed domain transfers with buyers and registrars worldwide, from individuals to Billion dollar companies where it takes 8 people to get the process completed. For large organizations, she will generate the required invoices for corporate purchases.  Typically she utilizes Escrow.com for safety and security for all parties.

Ipsy.com was sold to Michele Phan and Marcelo Camberos in 2012.
By 2015 IPSY was valued at 800 mIllion by Forbes.
Received Investment of 100 Million in 2017.


NewCasinos.com was sold for 5 figures to Chipware SE in 2016.
18 Months later NewCasinos.com sold to Catena Media for more than 5+ Million Euros.


StarsCasino.com was sold to a investor group for 6 figures in 2015.
PokerStars purchased the brand for $500,000 – $1.5Million,  launched it in 2016.